Ere Perez: Eco-Friendly Natural Beauty Brand

Natural beauty products have come a long way and making the switch from mainstream to eco-friendly beauty has never been more compelling.

Pigments, textures, packaging and longevity are all on-point, especially for Ere Perez, one of the fastest growing natural beauty brands across the world.

With the recent launch of some exciting products, PRAVAYAMA talks to Ere Perez herself about her unabating passion for the brand and its values and how eco-responsibility is an integral part of producing high-quality products.

Pioneering Natural Beauty 

We have really listened to our fans over the past 15 years. The brand has evolved little by little, it’s hard to please everyone all of the time, but we have really tried to.

We are a health food store type brand, a brand for environmentally and socially conscious people. We have been part of the pioneering movement of ethical cosmetics and following these trends to help develop the eco-conscious in the community, both at our own doorstep and globally.

Ere Perez Core Values

When sourcing ingredients and manufacturing our products, we want them to be very safe for humans and respectful to the environment. The challenges we’ve faced and have overcome in order to stay true to our values are finding a common ground between image, cost, available material and ingredients.

The New Liquid Oat Milk Foundation
Natural Beauty Foundation

Creating Eco-Friendly Brushes

We made the brushes vegan a few years ago, which wasn’t difficult as there are plenty of synthetics bristles available. The challenge was the actual handle – to  it make it eco-friendly and not just more non-biodegradable plastic. We managed to find an incredible corn resin that has the same effect and breaks down, so is much better for our environment.

Dedication To Recyclable Packaging

We had a really good talk with the head of Carbon Neutral. Heidi explained to us all the things we had to consider. The point of our packaging is that if you can’t actually recycle it, you can re-use it, ‘up-cycle’ so to speak. We looked at, and tried, hundreds of packaging options and really got down to the nitty gritty of how to be the least wasteful with what’s available, without compromising the quality and integrity of the products.

What we have is a really smart range of packaging and cardboard outer packaging with upgraded ink and no plastic film on the outside so it is easier to recycle.

Bestseller: The Almond Oil Mascara
Natural Beauty Almond Mascara

We are a brand for environmentally and socially conscious people. We have been part of the pioneering movement of ethical cosmetics to help develop the eco-conscious in the community and globally.

The New Arnica Concealer
Natural Beauty Concealer

The Ere Perez Workplace Culture

The culture in my workplace? – We are family. I have been blessed to collect a team throughout the years who completely ‘get’ my vision. We believe in caring and kindness, sharing the love and, as reflected in the new range, the love and care for our planet and all of its inhabitants.

The New Chamomile Eye Palettes
Natural Beauty Eyeshadows

What Keeps Ere Inspired To Grow Her Brand

I love creating new opportunities for people who are passionate about the same things we are. I keep doing this for my 3 beautiful children and my tireless and incredible husband. I love working with my team to share ideas and create products that excite us all. Not only that, but working together to spread a message of love, beauty, kindness and respect for our planet and all that live here with us.

Supporting Those In Need

Each year we support various charities, and we try to mix it up a bit each year. You know, share the love around. We receive a lot of requests for support and sponsorship, and we try to link with causes that match our philosophies.

We proudly support many local events. And we are very proud ongoing supporters of Misión México, which is very close to my heart because of course, Mexico is my home country! Misión México provides a loving, secure family home for children of all ages who have been abused, neglected, orphaned or abandoned, and mostly from backgrounds of extreme poverty.

The New Herbal Face Tonic From The Brand New Skincare Range
Natural Beauty Face Tonic