Ethical Fashion: 6 Easy Ways To Shop Chic Online

Fashion Revolution Week 23rd-29th April


To celebrate Fashion Revolution Week*, PRAVAYAMA brings you six websites that curate the most beautiful ethical fashion brands. Shopping ethical fashion has never been easier, more exciting or more chic.

Here, six of the best online curators of ethical clothing, jewellery, footwear and accessories for feel-good shopping.

*The Fashion Revolution demands greater transparency and greater working conditions for people across the world. We are encouraged to ask the brands we buy from #WhoMadeMyClothes? The revolution began after the collapse of the Rana Plaza building in Bangladesh five years ago, read more here.
Ethical Fashion We Dash Love
Ethical fashion brands include: Alas The Label, Tasi Travels (featured image),The Label, Vege Threads

We Dash Love says:

We are tired of accepting fast fashion that’s mass produced, without thinking about how it impacts the environment or the people who made it. We support the new generation of intelligent consumerism and we choose fair trade over fast trade.

2. Ecoture
Ethical Fashion Ecoture
Ethical fashion brands include: Etiko, KowTow, Altiir, Love Sofie, Eco Tan

Ecoture says:

We believe Ecoture occupies a unique space, where principles and fashion come together to create an experience that is both life-affirming and self-expressive. We are driven by more than sales and margins, and act as a meeting place for shared attitudes and actions.

3. Fashionkind
Ethical Fashion Fashion Kind
Ethical fashion brands include: A Peace Treaty, The Sway, Veja, Ryan Roche, Sydney Brown, Tejen

Fashionkind says:

We want to change the world using fashion as the vehicle. We travel the world to curate the best mix of ethically-produced and sustainable luxury products. Our mission is to reveal the fashion industry’s power to support human rights and minimise environmental impact without sacrificing style.

4. Haute Ecology
Ethical Fashion Haute Ecology
Ethical fashion brands include: Outdoor Voices, Monki Cares, Reformation, Mara Hoffman, Stella McCartney

Haute Ecology says:

We support those who support the welfare of women during the production of their products, events, books, initiatives or services. Brands who work hard to avoid contributing to threats of discrimination because of race, gender, sexuality, ethnicity, religion, body type, health and other characteristics.

5. Rêve En Vert
Ethical Fashion Reve en Vert
Ethical fashion brands include: R.E.V., Manduka, Teeki, Paradise Row, Inlight Beauty, The Beauty Archive, Floral Street

Rêve En Vert says:

To us, sustainable luxury is quality style made from a place of consciousness, and we hold our designers to four tenants: organic, re-made, local and fair. We are committed to driving awareness of how consumers think about the fashion industry. Rêve En Vert exclusively features designers who operate their businesses with respect for people and the planet.

6. Well Made Clothes
Ethical Fashion Well Made Clothes
Ethical fashion brands include: Milk & Thistle, Nagnata, Arc & Bow, Charlotte Stone, Filippa K

Well Made Clothes says:

The fashion industry is so complex, and it affects people and the environment at every level. This impact is often negative, due to the fact that too much poorly made clothing is being produced, too much poorly ­made clothing is being bought, and too much poorly made clothing is being thrown away. However, the impact of the fashion industry can be positive too. The production of well­ made clothing minimises harm, empowers individuals and sustains communities.

Main Image: Tasi Travels