Wolven Threads: Sacred Geometry & Sustainability

Sacred geometry prints on luxurious sustainable fabrics is the signature of eco-forward activewear brand Wolven Threads.

Founder Kiran Jade shares why Wolven’s tagline ‘Make Sustainability Sexy‘ is not simply a branding angle. Sustainability is the heart-purpose that drives production through to packaging, turning recycled plastic bottles and carbon-neutral wood pulp into buttery soft fabrics for the conscious modern lifestyle. 

The Inspiration

Wolven is the culmination of all of my favourite things – I grew up painting and wanted to create an accessible and functional outlet to share my art and the art of my friends and peers. In addition to being a painter, I am a certified Yoga teacher. My goal has always been to bring the sacred geometry imagery of the East to the Western yoga practice. 

Passion For Sustainability

Fashion is the second greatest polluting industry on the planet. Sustainability is the heart and soul of Wolven, we strive not only to create sustainable products but to create a community (our Wolfpack!) of people who are passionate about protecting our Earth.

From production to packaging, we believe in being sustainable from start to finish. Our garments are sustainably made from OEKO-TEX certified recycled P.E.T, a fabric made from post-consumer recycled water bottles, and modal, our newest fibre made from carbon-neutral sustainably harvested beechwood trees. 

Sustainability is not a branding angle for us, it is our purpose. We spend a lot of time and energy researching new sustainable fibres, and finding ways to expand our product line in an ethical and sustainable way.

The Wolfpack Blog regularly shares tips on sustainable living and we try to spark conversations on our social media platforms about sustainability as much as possible, you can follow along @wolventhreads

The Photoshoot

We shot these photos in my friends apartment in Brooklyn, it was one of the most fun shoot days! Content Creating and Creative Directing are two pieces of my business that bring me the most joy. I love being able to put together photoshoot concepts that resonate with our audience. Our goal is always to reflect the authenticity of our brand – we are a collective of millennial creatives and when I get to collaborate with my friends in a work context it is very playful and fun.

Nothing is ever very planned, it is always new and old friends hanging out in the clothes. The clothes tend to inspire comfort and confidence within those who wear them, and my hope is for that to be reflected in our branding.

Sustainability In Everyday Life

My personal closet consists primarily of sustainable garments, I take my own tupperware to restaurants and I have reusable straws in my purse.

“We strive not only to create sustainable products but to create a community (our Wolfpack!) of people who are passionate about protecting our Earth.

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