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Why We Doubt Our Worthiness + What To 'Do'

self-doubt self-worth Dec 07, 2021

We doubt our worthiness, we consider that maybe, we aren't as worthy as [insert people we compare ourselves to] and maybe we can't have the things we truly desire.

Why do we have this doubt?

What can we do about it?


In the Vedic worldview, we are each here to work with our individual (and collective) karma.


Does this karma mean we are destined to have less than we truly desire?




It means we:

a. Pursue only what is authentic and not what is deemed 'right' to anyone else.

b. We get to become the person to whom certain karmas no longer apply because we choose to evolve.


These are about the power of truth and the power of choice.


We get to rewrite how we show up in the world AND make ourselves available for the best - our very own 'best' is defined by our true desires.


So, what if the very reason we are here, is to evolve alongside self-doubt? To become who we secretly know we can be? To manifest the expanded...

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The Birth of Gia

birth pregnancy worthiness May 19, 2021


So many people have asked me to share about my birth, and so here it is, my precious birth story - how my baby Gia came into the world.




At 3pm on Wednesday 21st April my waters broke. I’d been at the beach that morning, swimming and stretching and laughing with a friend that maybe the castor oil I took that morning, now that I finally felt ‘ready’, might get things moving (I was 40 weeks + 5).

Later at home I began to feel spaced out and teary so I went for a nap.

As I shut my eyes I heard a pop in my belly. I got up to go to the toilet, felt the trickling of water and realised what was happening. I checked - no meconium - such a relief.

Rob set up cushions and towels outside on the deck in the afternoon sun where we sat and sipped turmeric lattes, feeling excited and a little nervous. We took a selfie - knowing it would be the last one of us while I was still pregnant.

I rang my midwife’s number. A midwife I didn’t know...

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The Essential First Step To Upgrade Your Self-Worth

self-worth Jul 15, 2020


‘Don’t be ridiculous, I could never accept ALL of me, I have parts far too shameful to ever accept them.’

I actually once believed this.

There was the belief  ‘Well, I SHOULD have shame about X because it IS shameful, and ‘I should feel insecure about X because it is undesirable’.

I continually told those parts, ‘You are not worthy of acceptance, I reject every association with you’.

But I became more curious about whether acceptance could actually change anything in my life for the better.

I experimented with how it felt to have total acceptance of every facet of my being: of my past, every part of my body, all of my emotions.

Wholehearted acceptance began to shift my entire life.

It became the essential first step to upgrading my self-worth.



Accepting the parts I'd once rejected meant I first had to recognise where I held A LOT of shame, where there were demons...

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3 Self-Worth Practices That Will Change Your Life

self-worth Jun 28, 2020


If there’s one thing I want you to know, it’s this:

Worthiness is innate, but self-worth is a practice

This distinction is about accountability and informs everything I write and speak about.

Practising self-worth is taking action FIRST. No waiting, no distractions and no excuses.

It means taking action in ALIGNMENT with your innate worthiness.

Read on for 3 self-worth practices that will align you with worthiness and change your life.



1. Course-Correct

Several years ago I spontaneously took myself through a journalling process to understand why I was experiencing a lot of frustration in my life.

The process became a fundamental tool in my journal back to worthiness.

I call it ‘As If I Was Unworthy’

It is a process of discovering where in your life you have been acting as if you were unworthy in relationships, with money and with health. It is confronting at first but enduringly LIBERATING.

Taking yourself through...

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What It Means To Practice Radical Self-Worth

self-worth Jun 26, 2020


Practising radical self-worth means to intentionally infuse the energy of worthiness into every aspect of our daily lives.

The only thing blocking us from embodying worthiness is when we’ve subscribed to beliefs that anything about us, physically or emotionally, is ‘wrong’.

Here I share the radical self-worth practices that unsubscribed me from beliefs of wrongness so I could embody a greater sense of worthiness, wholeness and confidence.



I Stopped Making My Lower Energy & Moods Wrong

[Before I sat to write this post I had been in a funk for four days, feeling creatively blocked and totally unmotivated. I had to practice what I preach. So I quit forcing productivity, I lay naked in the sun on my deck listening to Juliet Allen’s podcast, voiced a 16-minute WhatsApp message to my bestie to voice the chaos in my mind, danced in my living room, ate a F-ton of pasta and journalled the shit out of my frustration.

My radical self-worth...

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3 Ways To Identify Low Self-Worth & Call Back Your Power

self-worth Feb 26, 2020


It took years of self-enquiry (and many modalities) to identify how I’d been acting from low self-worth for much of my life.

Without becoming aware of how we act from low self-worth, we remain in a holding pattern, living an ego-driven, limited version of ourselves.

Our work is to identify the subtle and insidious ways that low self-worth is dominating our lives so we can operate from the truth:
Worthiness is innate, but self-worth is a practice.

Here I share 3 ways you can identify low self-worth and call back your power.



Low Self-Worth In Lack of Discipline

A lack of discipline often comes from a lack of clarity about what TRULY fulfils us.

When we are connected to what would truly fulfil us, we can become disciplined to create it.

But to begin with, low-self worth prevents us from exploring what truly fulfils us.

Subconsciously, we suspect that, maybe, we don’t deserve it. ‘Who am I to be truly fulfilled?’

We might make excuses that we...

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Magnetic Self-Worth: Making It Your Default State

self-worth Feb 20, 2020

To make magnetic self-worth my default state, I first had to give myself powerful permission: To act worthy before I felt it.

Asking ‘What would worthiness look like here?’ in each moment, allowed me to show up in entirely new ways.

With consistent practice, I began to embody self-worth, gradually making it my default state.

I became more and more magnetic, consciously and subconsciously attracting many of the things I once didn’t believe I deserved.

Here I share how I learned to make self-worth my default – which wasn’t without its demons, but which has since brought a state of being and an experience of life I never knew possible.



Gaining Clarity On True Desires

One thing I wish I’d been taught is the importance of gaining true clarity before anything else.

Any action is directionless and pointless without it.

It had never occurred to me to that there were TRUE and FALSE desires.

Sitting still and deep with my heart to enquire...

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Orgasmic Presence: A Self-Worth Practice

pleasure presence Feb 11, 2020


Orgasmic presence is the practice of sensating the abundance of life force in your body.

Practising orgasmic presence will elevate your self-worth by reconnecting you to your innate worthiness to create and to receive pleasure.

Orgasmic presence can be sexual or non-sexual and it can be felt in the simplest of moments.

When you claim it, you are the source, the recipient and the voyeur of the experience all at once.

Presence. Intimacy. Indulgence. Rapture.

Dissolving shame and meeting your deepest beauty.

This practice will MAGNETISE even more pleasure into your life.



Claiming Orgasmic Presence 

With each practice, the intention is to drop into total presence to evoke an enduring state of sensorial bliss.

For me, making and eating a beautiful meal, dancing and self-pleasure are the moments in which I cultivate orgasmic presence.

Self-pleasure is not just about the obvious. In the last few months I created a practice of caressing parts of my body I’d...

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