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3 Self-Worth Practices That Will Change Your Life

self-worth Jun 28, 2020


If there’s one thing I want you to know, it’s this:

Worthiness is innate, but self-worth is a practice

This distinction is about accountability and informs everything I write and speak about.

Practising self-worth is taking action FIRST. No waiting, no distractions and no excuses.

It means taking action in ALIGNMENT with your innate worthiness.

Read on for 3 self-worth practices that will align you with worthiness and change your life.



1. Course-Correct

Several years ago I spontaneously took myself through a journalling process to understand why I was experiencing a lot of frustration in my life.

The process became a fundamental tool in my journal back to worthiness.

I call it ‘As If I Was Unworthy’

It is a process of discovering where in your life you have been acting as if you were unworthy in relationships, with money and with health. It is confronting at first but enduringly LIBERATING.

Taking yourself through this process will reveal where you’ve been playing small and accepting less than you are worth.

It is taking radical responsibility for the choices you have made. Importantly, for BOTH conscious and unconscious choices.

It will bring many 'uhuh' moments such as 'no wonder I was treated that way, my self-worth was low so I let it continue instead of walking away.'

When you can step back and observe your choices without judging them, a new reality is revealed about what is possible outside of these patterns by making more aligned and truthful choices.


2. Act Worthy Before You Feel It 

For each area of your life, observe your micro decisions and behaviours and ask, ‘What would total worthiness look like here?’

This invokes a creative, problem-solving mindset that gets you acting from self-worth before you feel it.

If you are waiting for permission, for validation or for the right time, YOU are keeping yourself stuck.

Knowing what you desire is a wonderful feeling. But not taking action is insult to your soul. It will make you anxious, ungrounded and will feel like self-betrayal.

There is no such thing as ready and if you have a narrative that is convincing you otherwise, it’s your job to challenge it.

So, you can ask yourself ‘what would total worthiness look like here?’ and take action from that place.

Each action is an energetic instruction to your subconscious and to the universe that you’re ready to receive the fruit of your own action.

Practicing this consistently will rewire you to act from worthiness until you embody it.


3. Dedication To Boundaries

We can’t talk about practising self-worth without discussing boundaries.

You are innately worthy of having your energetic needs met.
The practice of self-worth is to ACTUALLY meet your needs – taking space, taking rest and communicating when you do not have the capacity to engage with someone.

Overextending yourself for ANYONE else means you don’t value your wellbeing. It’s as simple as that.

You might fear losing people’s good opinion of you when you retract your energy.

But overextending yourself has only served as a distraction from yourself and from taking responsibility for meeting your needs.

An EMPOWERED woman discerns the most appropriate way to set a boundary with each person within each unique situation.

She knows that if people do not value their own wellbeing they will test her boundaries by tugging for attention.

A woman connected to her worthiness will not violate her own boundaries.

She does not cave in to the tug for attention. She does not need to feel needed by others.

She needs to support her wellbeing, ONLY THEN can she thrive.

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