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Magnetic Self-Worth: Making It Your Default State

self-worth Feb 20, 2020

To make magnetic self-worth my default state, I first had to give myself powerful permission: To act worthy before I felt it.

Asking ‘What would worthiness look like here?’ in each moment, allowed me to show up in entirely new ways.

With consistent practice, I began to embody self-worth, gradually making it my default state.

I became more and more magnetic, consciously and subconsciously attracting many of the things I once didn’t believe I deserved.

Here I share how I learned to make self-worth my default – which wasn’t without its demons, but which has since brought a state of being and an experience of life I never knew possible.



Gaining Clarity On True Desires

One thing I wish I’d been taught is the importance of gaining true clarity before anything else.

Any action is directionless and pointless without it.

It had never occurred to me to that there were TRUE and FALSE desires.

Sitting still and deep with my heart to enquire what it truly wants was challenging.

There were so many ‘should’ voices, so much second-guessing and interjection from my ego.

I had to be patient and dedicated.

When a desire for something arose, I checked in, ‘Is this desire motivated by other people’s expectations and perceptions, or, by the feelings I truly want to experience?’

This process requires you to claim your worthiness to explore what is uniquely MEANINGFUL to you.

Once you feel into a true desire and explore it, it might ask you to reframe your life and make choices that others don’t approve of, or are surprised by.

Following your true desires is courageous and liberating.

It puts you into a state of flow and naturally draws in people and things that support your path.


Not Settling

Settling for less than what’s in your heart will instruct the universe that you don’t actually want anything more than what you are settling for.

When I realised this, is was frightening enough for me to make brave choices, step away from many people and stories I had on loop about who I was in the world.

Acting worthy before you feel it means taking a leap of faith; being all-in on yourself in a way you never have been before, settling for nothing less than your true desires.

It requires the willingness to be alone if a relationship doesn’t light you up and make you feel expanded and inspired to follow your path.

You must be willing to have fewer friends who truly have your back rather than settle for the established dynamics in which you barely grow.

You must be willing to TRUST, that with dedication to your true path, the best is yet to come.

If you anticipate the reality of feeling discomfort along the way, you can build RESILIENCE into your path and navigate it gracefully, especially when your boundaries are tested.

The aim is to make levelling-up your default – your first choice, even when it is tempting to settle into the comfortable and familiar ways.

Not settling is worthiness in action.


It Gets To Be Easy

Not settling and letting go of old patterns might feel challenging at first.

But soon you’ll find an ease that comes with living in alignment with what is most uniquely meaningful to you – your true desires.

The belief that what you truly want is out of reach because it is difficult will keep it that way.

‘It’s hard’ is one of the many voices of unworthiness.

It says that what you truly want is not available to you, at least, not without force.

Instead of fixating on ‘How can I make this happen?’ You get to reframe reality and ask ‘How can I allow this to happen?’

Becoming magnetically worthy does not mean you need to have the perfect mindset and belief system.

Remember, you get to act worthy BEFORE you feel it.

The only requirement is that you are willing to do the work.

You must be willing, in each moment, to consciously choose to act and respond from WORTHINESS instead of WOUNDING, consistently asking ‘What would worthiness look like here?’

This way you rewire yourself for greater subconscious sense of worth, which leads to an effortless state of worthiness – which is magnetic.

What you truly want is wanting you. It is wanted FOR you.

Exploring your unique expression on this earth is why you are here.

If you need the structure, tools and support to magnetise your true desires, click HERE to find out more about 1:1 coaching with me.



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