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Orgasmic Presence: A Self-Worth Practice

pleasure presence Feb 11, 2020


Orgasmic presence is the practice of sensating the abundance of life force in your body.

Practising orgasmic presence will elevate your self-worth by reconnecting you to your innate worthiness to create and to receive pleasure.

Orgasmic presence can be sexual or non-sexual and it can be felt in the simplest of moments.

When you claim it, you are the source, the recipient and the voyeur of the experience all at once.

Presence. Intimacy. Indulgence. Rapture.

Dissolving shame and meeting your deepest beauty.

This practice will MAGNETISE even more pleasure into your life.



Claiming Orgasmic Presence 

With each practice, the intention is to drop into total presence to evoke an enduring state of sensorial bliss.

For me, making and eating a beautiful meal, dancing and self-pleasure are the moments in which I cultivate orgasmic presence.

Self-pleasure is not just about the obvious. In the last few months I created a practice of caressing parts of my body I’d barely paid attention to.

At first this felt deeply vulnerable; losing concept of time and identity, running my fingertips over my skin, sensing and witnessing myself give and receive this way.

The first time I did it, I had a little cry. It was both beautiful and confronting – to experience a pleasure that had always been available to me, yet that I’d never allowed myself.

It ignited deeper enquiry into where else in my life I’d been distracted instead of present, disallowing pleasure, disallowing myself to receive, withholding love.

This practice has opened my heart up in ways I never knew it needed to.

I’ve become more receptive to all kinds of pleasure.


Beyond Shame

We are being called to unsubscribe from the pleasure-shame paradigm. 

Nothing is, or ever has been, bad or wrong about sexual or non-sexual self-generated pleasure.

There are only agendas that will have us believe this, to keep us powerless, secretive and judgmental, to keep us desirous of shiny things that offer a quick fix but which distract us from meeting our truest beauty.

Being the source of our own pleasure is our greatest rebellion and our greatest empowerment.

May we be loud in our pleasure, claim it and give permission to others to do the same.



It takes courage to slow down and practice orgasmic presence. ‘Will I lose myself, my identity, lose control?’

But the greatest fear is ‘Will I meet a new kind of beauty in me?’

Yes and yes.

Perhaps the most confronting thing is that the pleasure of orgasmic presence is for you, only you.

No performance for someone else – no opportunity to seek validation from someone else’s turn-on.

The level of resistance will reveal your subconscious sense of danger of being all-in on yourself – your subconscious sense of unworthiness.

Presence is an expression of your gratitude for, and trust in, the abundance that runs through your veins, that makes up all that you are.

The more you allow the senses to offer you pleasure, the more you’ll energetically instruct that you are open to experiencing more.

Your self-worth vibration will increase and you’ll naturally generate and magnetise more of what you begin to realise you deserve.

Get courageous and creative.

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