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self-worth Jul 15, 2020


‘Don’t be ridiculous, I could never accept ALL of me, I have parts far too shameful to ever accept them.’

I actually once believed this.

There was the belief  ‘Well, I SHOULD have shame about X because it IS shameful, and ‘I should feel insecure about X because it is undesirable’.

I continually told those parts, ‘You are not worthy of acceptance, I reject every association with you’.

But I became more curious about whether acceptance could actually change anything in my life for the better.

I experimented with how it felt to have total acceptance of every facet of my being: of my past, every part of my body, all of my emotions.

Wholehearted acceptance began to shift my entire life.

It became the essential first step to upgrading my self-worth.



Accepting the parts I'd once rejected meant I first had to recognise where I held A LOT of shame, where there were demons dwelling in the darkness.

It's courageous work. Yet, if we can overcome shame we can overcome ANYTHING.

We do not realise how limited our life is by what we've quietly condemned about ourselves.

And yet we continue condemning instead of accepting because we fear that by accepting a certain part of ourselves we'll become MORE identified with it, more defined by it.

In fact, the opposite is true. We become liberated from it, because we are no longer defined by our resistance to it.

Most importantly for our evolution, we are no longer making any part of us wrong.


Nothing I accept about myself can be used against me to diminish me’ - Audre Lorde


The shame, the demons, the insecurities, they are all a call for radical self-acceptance, like children in the playground who are cruel to others, while their true desire is simply to be accepted, to belong.

Know this: No matter your childhood or your adult past, no matter what others have criticised about or rejected in you, no matter the shape, size, colour and markings of your body or the fluctuations of emotion moving through you, everything is worthy of your acceptance - wholehearted acceptance of what was and of what is.

All expressions of us - past and present, are significant and potent, full of information essential for our inner peace-making.

Acceptance of every facet of your being is the making of your magnetism.




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