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The Birth of Gia

birth pregnancy worthiness May 19, 2021


So many people have asked me to share about my birth, and so here it is, my precious birth story - how my baby Gia came into the world.




At 3pm on Wednesday 21st April my waters broke. I’d been at the beach that morning, swimming and stretching and laughing with a friend that maybe the castor oil I took that morning, now that I finally felt ‘ready’, might get things moving (I was 40 weeks + 5).

Later at home I began to feel spaced out and teary so I went for a nap.

As I shut my eyes I heard a pop in my belly. I got up to go to the toilet, felt the trickling of water and realised what was happening. I checked - no meconium - such a relief.

Rob set up cushions and towels outside on the deck in the afternoon sun where we sat and sipped turmeric lattes, feeling excited and a little nervous. We took a selfie - knowing it would be the last one of us while I was still pregnant.

I rang my midwife’s number. A midwife I didn’t know...

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