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Orgasmic Presence: A Self-Worth Practice

pleasure presence Feb 11, 2020


Orgasmic presence is the practice of sensating the abundance of life force in your body.

Practising orgasmic presence will elevate your self-worth by reconnecting you to your innate worthiness to create and to receive pleasure.

Orgasmic presence can be sexual or non-sexual and it can be felt in the simplest of moments.

When you claim it, you are the source, the recipient and the voyeur of the experience all at once.

Presence. Intimacy. Indulgence. Rapture.

Dissolving shame and meeting your deepest beauty.

This practice will MAGNETISE even more pleasure into your life.



Claiming Orgasmic Presence 

With each practice, the intention is to drop into total presence to evoke an enduring state of sensorial bliss.

For me, making and eating a beautiful meal, dancing and self-pleasure are the moments in which I cultivate orgasmic presence.

Self-pleasure is not just about the obvious. In the last few months I created a practice of caressing parts of my body I’d...

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