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Why We Doubt Our Worthiness + What To 'Do'

self-doubt self-worth Dec 07, 2021

We doubt our worthiness, we consider that maybe, we aren't as worthy as [insert people we compare ourselves to] and maybe we can't have the things we truly desire.

Why do we have this doubt?

What can we do about it?


In the Vedic worldview, we are each here to work with our individual (and collective) karma.


Does this karma mean we are destined to have less than we truly desire?




It means we:

a. Pursue only what is authentic and not what is deemed 'right' to anyone else.

b. We get to become the person to whom certain karmas no longer apply because we choose to evolve.


These are about the power of truth and the power of choice.


We get to rewrite how we show up in the world AND make ourselves available for the best - our very own 'best' is defined by our true desires.


So, what if the very reason we are here, is to evolve alongside self-doubt? To become who we secretly know we can be? To manifest the expanded...

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