Hi, I'm Sarina

I'm here to activate your truest GIVE NO FUCKS self. I know you wanna be her.






Hi, I'm Sarina

Are you ready to upgrade your self-worth? Of course, you are.

I support

women who DECIDE they are DONE with the watered down version of themselves to BECOME the unapologetic AF woman who turns herself all the way ON.


My love, You DO NOT need to feel worthy in order to have everything you deeply desire. You just have to be WILLING to get down and dirty, to let the process be messy AND sexy


This is how you can work with me



An intimate 12-week journey

How do you know if this is for you?


You’ve created some beautiful things 

But the truth is, you’ve been settling for the watered down, not-too-much version of you

You have a sense of what you want, but you haven't connected wildly and intimately with your deepest desires

You want to unburden every piece that stands in the way of your self-liberation


Know this: Your True Desires are natural, innocent impulses of life force 

And they are asking you to listen with courage and love

They want you to SHOW UP, open up and receive what is wanted FOR YOU

Because your very own, authentic version of having IT ALL

Is not too big or too unrealistic

It BELONGS to you.


If you’re willing to claim your True Desires and show up for them

If you dare to become the 'nothing holds me back' woman you secretly yearn to be


Wildly Worthy is for YOU.

Yes I'm ALL IN! Take me to the application

The podcast binges, the self-help books, the meditations...




But all the self-exploration can keep you stuck. You need something fresh and bold. And you know you’re not meant to do this alone.

You want an intentional, powerful container where you get high-level support to go ALL IN on yourself.


I am here to support you to become the woman you secretly know you can be...

I'm devoted to supporting you to unravel the glorious aching in your heart for MORE, to OWN the divine and innocent impulses within you so you become UNSTOPPABLE. 


𓇸 So the magnetic magnitude of your heart is awakened

𓇸 So you become radiant, deeply connected and effortlessly of service

𓇸 So you become liberated from anyone else’s version of you

𓇸 So you make the courageous woman you are proud she chose herself

What's included?


✔︎ 6 x 60-minute deep-dive calls, each second week

Your calls with me will provide clarity on exactly what you TRULY desire, relief from unconscious conditioning so you can CLAIM your desires, the embodied remembering of how powerful you are, the excitement of who you are becoming and the direction to take specific, purposeful action toward becoming wildly worthy of having IT ALL.


✔︎ Support between calls via Voxer, any business day

I am devoted to supporting you as much between calls as during the calls. Two weeks between calls gives you important integration time, and when you need support during integration, we can chat via Voxer.


✔︎ Specific practices to keep your energy and actions aligned

The personalised self-worth practices are KEY to your transformation, they are the very 'being' and 'doing' of becoming the woman YOU desire to be. The practices consist of energetic, embodiment and tangible action steps to upgrade self-worth consistently. They will build momentum and confidence so that magnetic self-worth becomes your default state.


✔︎ Tailored resources in response to what we've discussed

Each resource is designed to expand your heart and mind, to provide inspiration when you simply want to relax and consume a purposeful article, podcast or book that is on-point for your specific journey.


Apply to work with me




Fill out the short application below, then you will schedule a free 45 min call.



What it's like to work with me



This is an intimate space where I support you to unravel and reinvent yourself IN REAL TIME


We illuminate the crevices where your self-doubt hangs out

We unravel the wound-based beliefs and behaviours and dismantle them

We explore beyond the desires you ‘think’ you have, to get to the natural innocence of your True Desires

So you waste no time pursuing less or settling for less

We design the ‘being’ and ‘doing’ action plan that is perfectly aligned for your True Desires

These are the specific practices that will upgrade your self-worth rapidly and sustainably

Working with me means you will understand exactly what your true self requires you to ‘do’

No more abyss of loneliness, overwhelm or self-doubt

Instead, the loving support and clear guidance on the ‘how’ to upgrade self-worth IN REAL TIME, applying new beliefs and behaviours to exactly what's happening in your life

So you feel accountable to be in active creatorship and active receivership of your True Desires



𓇸 We rewire you for greater self-honouring and self-worth so you have greater capacity to receive 

𓇸 We move through mindset and embodiment practices so you connect deeper with your inner wisdom and power

𓇸 You might find yourself sharing things you've never shared before, with an unprecedented clarity.

𓇸 Your voice might shake as your inner wisdom speaks, connecting parts of your life that brings great relief.

𓇸 You might feel seen and understood more than ever before in your life



𓇸 You'll be clear about the exact action to take to move forward

𓇸 You'll experience a cellular-level knowing of who you are here to be

𓇸 Feel expansivepowerful and overflowing with the excitement of being YOU

𓇸 You will experience greater depths of pleasure and joy in everyday moments

𓇸 Have naturally upgraded your self-worth frequency to easefully receive, to courageously be seen, and to feel wildly worthy of having 'it all'